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Jun, 6 2018

5 different places to wear a tuxedo

5 different places to wear a tuxedo

Fine menswear isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment. You don’t need to own a tux to wear one, of course — just renting one for a night or two opens you up to black tie events that otherwise might be off-limits to you.

If you’ve never rented a tuxedo for anything other than prom, you may not be convinced of the outfit’s power and versatility. But this single outfit can change your life. Check out this list of five places you can turn heads in a tux.

Dress Up on a Date

You’ll impress your date in a suit. You’ll really impress your date in a tuxedo. A tux is a great way to make a positive first impression on a blind date, or rekindle a little passion and mystery with that special someone. In a tuxedo, you’ll be able to bring your date to high-end restaurants and other establishments you might not be able to touch in even a high-quality suit. Make your night together something special!

Make a Wedding Memorable

Many men only ever wear a tux to a wedding — whether it’s their own, or someone else’s. Look dashing in your tuxedo as you meet your soulmate at the altar, or give your showing as best man a touch of class. Give your daughter away at the altar while looking your absolute best. There’s only one man at a wedding who probably can’t get away with wearing a tux — and that’s the person officiating!

Class Up a Night on the Town

If you’re going to go out, why not dress up? Showing up to a high-end bar or nightclub in a tux is a great way to turn heads, start conversations, score phone numbers and get VIP treatment wherever you go. (Everyone will think you have money — whether or not you actually do.)

This strategy works great for special nights like New Year’s Eve or other major holidays, but can make any evening a special occasion. Painting the town red in a tux is a unique experience, and one every man should have at some point in his life.

Head Out to Vegas

Sometimes an evening out on the town isn’t enough. If you own a tux (or if you have a rental that lasts more than a day or so), you owe it to yourself to take your outfit on a spin to Vegas. You’ll go from humdrum ordinary to feeling like James Bond in the time it takes to put your new clothes on.

Fly or drive out, rent a hotel, don your tux and put yourself out there. Spend an evening at the blackjack table, or head out to a live show. You’ll soon discover something every menswear aficionado figures out: People really do treat you with more respect, interest and deference when you’re in a tuxedo.

Strut Your Stuff at a Charity Gala

Charity galas run the gamut. Some events cost thousands of dollars to get into, while others are more attainable — in the realm of a few hundred.

Either way, most upper-crust charity galas have a strict black tie dress code. For men, that means a tuxedo. Again, this outfit opens doors for you. Enjoy sumptuous dining, fine entertainment and some of the most fascinating company you’ll ever meet — all while giving back to something worthwhile.

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